Cleveland FEB Tutoring Program

Cleveland Federal Executive Board Tutoring Program

The Cleveland Federal Executive Board (FEB) is sponsoring a Cleveland-based tutoring program to support our community schools children who could use extra support in order to excel in reading, writing and mathematics.
In order to make this program successful, we are seeking support from our federal community agency employees and its retirees to assist.

Students are paired with caring and enthusiastic federal employees or retiree willing to give a little of their time each month throughout the school year. Please consider giving 4 hours a month to help improve the education of our region’s youth.

The program’s goal each year is to recruit approximately 100 federal tutors within our participating agencies to reach hundreds of students within four community area Elementary Schools: Memorial & Wilson & Wade Park on Cleveland’s East Side, and Clark on Cleveland’s West Side.

The requirements to be a tutor are:

  1. You must be a federal employee or federal retiree.
  2. You must be authorized to participate by your agency employer/supervisor.
  3. Attend a school orientation/training session – one held at each authorized school. (AA** granted).
  4. Tutor twice per month or every other week and be willing to follow a tutoring protocol that will be given at the orientation session.
  5. Attendance to the Mid-Year (Teleconferenced) and End of Year (EOY) Meeting (Face to Face**) are highly encouraged.
  6. Each tutor will be granted four hours Authorized Absence (AA*) per month to participate in the program during working hours. AA* or your agency’s documented approval of authorized time away, is granted (one hour covers your tutoring session and one hour travel time). ** Orientation and EOY are two hours in length, with an additional hour time granted for travel. The success of the program depends on this commitment.

AA** will also be granted to attend associated official program meetings i.e. school orientations and End of Year meeting.

Employees interested in becoming a tutor should complete the two-step registration process on-line.
Employees that are unable to access the registration website must obtain the paper versions of the supervisor approval and registration forms from the FEB Tutor Program Manager. Supervisor paper approval (NASA, All Others) should then be faxed to the FEB Tutoring Program Manager or Project Manager as indicated at the bottom of the form.
The registration site will remain open through November 2016 for employees interested in becoming a tutor after September 2016. You are then required to email Mrs. Cynthia L. Davis, the FEB Tutoring Program Manager directly (, 216-791-3800 x 5519, Fax 216-707-6403).

During the school orientation we will cover effective tutoring techniques, what to expect on the first day, communications with the teachers, students and tutor colleagues. School orientation will also cover tutor protocol, school calendar of events, drills i.e. fire, tornado, lock down and evacuations (some drills may require going outside possibly during inclement weather conditions). Tutors will be provided info regarding school closings due to weather or emergent building conditions as well as school contact numbers in the event of emergencies. Finally, a tour of the school will be conducted (if time permits) to establish building familiarity.
Evaluations of the students’ progress are monitored by the teacher and Tutoring Program Manager. These reports are shared at the executive level board meetings. The purpose of our Tutoring program is to give back to our community by helping to shape our leaders of tomorrow. You can make a difference in a child’s life and the future of Cleveland!

Thank you for your support.
Michael Goin
Executive Director, Cleveland Federal Executive Board