Address: 1240 East 9th Street, Rm 355, Cleveland, OH 44199

Policy Committee Board Members


Pam Ashby


Vice Chairperson 
Heather Kilbride

 Executive Director
 Anna Vedouras

James Holtz
Federal Protective Service

Gil Goldberg
Small Business Administration

Alicia Rauckhourst
United States Postal Service

Eugene Matho
Customs and Border Protection

Eric Smith
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Karen McDonough
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Robert Edwards

Laurence Sivic
NASA Glenn Research Center

Sandy Opacich
US Courts

Cameron Brown
Federal Aviation Administration

CAPT Eric Doucette
United States Coast Guard

LaTanya McDaniel
Internal Revenue Service

Jill Dietricht
Louis Stokes VA Medical Center

Stephen Yelenic
HHS- Office of Medicare Hearing and Appeal


Renee Sykora
U.S. Attorney’s Office -Northern District

LTC Deanne Ojeda
Defense Contract Management Agency

Heather Kilbride
General Service Administration

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